Dial 10-10-ALO to call long distance!
Using 10-10-ALO is super easy! Learn how to place calls with our dialing instructions.

10-10-ALO Dialing Instructions

Canada, USA & Caribbean:

Dial 10–10–256

+ 1 + Area Code + Phone No.

Other International:

Dial 10–10–256

+ 011 + Country Code + Area Code + Phone No.

How to call long distance using 10-10-ALO:

  1. Simply dial Dial Dial 10–10–256 from your Bell and Rogers home phone.
    10-10-ALO is available on your Bell and Rogers home phone
  2. Dial the number you wish to call and remeber to include all area codes.

    Example: To call India, you need to dial: Dial 10–10–256 + 011 + 91 + area code + telephone number.
  3. Your charges with all your call details will appear on your regular phone bill at the end of the month.
Why choose 10-10-ALO?

No need to switch telephone carriers - just pick up the phone and call!